Black Eye Games announced recently that the Gloria Victis Update v. is live – and brings new content and improved gameplay, new NPC enemies, changes to Glory Rewards and spawn/balance tweaks to some resources:

Midlandic starting area has been expanded with brand new location – a manor set on an island West of recently added village, which has been filled with events for new players.”

More importantly, the devs also announced that in their bid to redesign combat in the game – the Combat Update has reached player testing and have ”recently done the first 2 non-public tests” so the devs are now also seeking players that wish to help test the ‘Combat Update’:

 ”We have also gathered a lot of data and feedback so programmers involved in the combat update can continue their work on polishing controller and animations. Also, if you are an advanced player (like, with 100+ hours in-game) and you would like to help us testing the combat update, please contact – thank you in advance!”

For more information visit the site here.