Billy Garretsen, UX Design Lead at ArtCraft’s Crowfall recently authored an article previewing the reworking of the game’s Main Menu and Player HUD ‘as the team switches gears from prototyping into shipping mode’, also detailing a UI roadmap for Q2 of 2017. With regards the Main menu of the game, Garretsen wrote:

‘Crowfall does not have the typical MMO server/shard structure and instead has a bigger emphasis on visiting numerous worlds and being engaged in multiple active campaigns. Because of this, we knew that we needed to prioritize browsing and discoverability of worlds. What we came up with is a multi-category world browser that serves available worlds in a clean tile grid that can be filtered and sorted by criteria like PvP rules and world size. It is a simple approach that gets more detailed the deeper you go.”

The article also reveals that players will be able to manage their accounts from within the client itself, browse the worlds and video tutorials and shop ‘soon’: ”Where the game lobby used to be little more than a server list, it is becoming a robust hub that can continue to expand as more features come online.”

The announcement also reveals that launch will see ‘incremental changes to the head-up display (HUD)’ with cosmetic (updated font/colour/textures) as well as pure redesign with an improved character sheet coming ‘soon’:

”Our tool tips have also undergone a facelift, featuring more dynamic layouts for items and greatly improved readability for stats, lore and descriptions. We are implementing an all new custom layout for power information that I am particularly excited about. Most importantly, we are expanding our tool tip support to include hovering over stat names, headers and other screen elements for additional help and information.”

For more information visit the site here.