The team at World Of Warships are challenging players to a new contest – the Clash of the Elements contest, where players are able to choose a team (team Fire or team Water) and ‘help (their) element win the contest’ – the rewards for doing so are ‘special currency — coins that can be spent in the Gift Shop’ and teams will compete in five categories:

  • Battles Won
  • Ships Destroyed
  • Damage Dealt
  • Ribbons and Achievements Received
  • XP Earned

The event will be running for three weeks and will end on May 4 at 13:00 UTC:

‘Within the Clash of the Elements event, you can earn up to 900 coins (300 per round). Keep this in mind when planning your purchases in the Gift Shop. Most bundles in the Gift Shop can be purchased multiple times. Among them are packages of camouflages, consumables, Premium account time, and a unique Tier V destroyer Kamikaze R with an exclusive permanent camouflage!”

For more information visit the site here.