The developers at The Black Death announced last week that V0.12 is set for launch today – the update was long due and the devs took advantage to explain:

First we started by pin pointing key features that needed to get in. Things we were missing. Then we tackled bugs, crashes, disappearing items, things that were crucial to fix. Then we looked at flow and motivation, what cool things there are to do and why would you do them? All these things needed to be tackled to turn the game into what it was suppose to be, what our original vision was. It was a lot of work.”

V0.12 brings a ‘Day/night’ cycle together with a ‘days survived mechanics’, revamped player housing in the sense that this update will have ”the core feature set of the house for all your basic medieval needs(and) as we roll out more and more updates this is a feature we’re are planning on expanding on in a big way”, new music tracks, new spawn locations together with revamped beach areas, revamped combat system ”driven by an improved physics system meaning more accurate swings and hits, better feedback from striking different materials and a generally more responsive game play experience” and new pillaging areas.

For more information visit the site here.