Heroes&Generals received its 1.5 update – ‘Medic!’ last week, and the new Med kits are available to heal wounded teammates or yourself in battle.

Soldiers can now opt to equip either the standard First Aid Kit (which uses one equipment point and heals up to 80 health points per usage) or the larger Medic Pouch (which holds three First Air Kits and uses two equipment points) and the update also brings the Medic Ribbon which unlocks three new combat badges – ‘First Aid, Combat Medic and Hand of God letting you heal faster, giving your First Aid Kits extra uses or making it easier to heal your friends in the heat of battle’:

”You can even choose to equip your soldier with multiple Medic Pouches and minimal weaponry to become in effect a field medic. So once released be sure to share your best medic loadouts with the rest of the community in our forum!”

For more information visit the site here.