Missing Worlds Media, the developers at City of Titans,  – ”a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes”  recently updated their new website, following their move to new hosting, with the ‘first’ details of ”planned” Archetypes as well as some of the accompanying artwork ‘icons’ – whilst also wrapping up the ‘new sections for the site’:

We now have organized the guides, from city districts to character creation, into a new menu item on top, labelled strangely enough “Guides.” To help introduce this new format, we are now linking to a page which has existed on the site for awhile, but never linked. A few clever people did discover it, hidden like an easter egg among the tall grass.

City of Titans players will be able to choose from:

  • Stalwart: ”Break yourself upon me!” – subtypes: Bastion, Bulwark, Centurion
  • Enforcer: ”Let’s make this close and personal” – subtypes: Bodyguard, Gladiator, Striker
  • Guardian: ”I have your back. I have everyone’s back” – subtypes: Sentinel, Vindicator, Warden
  • Ranger: ”You won’t see me before I take you down” – subtypes: Gunner, Hunter, Partisan
  • Commander: ”I command the battlefield itself” – subtypes: Brigadier, Director, Executor
  • Operator: ”All for one and… you know the rest” – subtypes: Engineer, Ringleader, Taskmaster

Fore more information visit the site here.