The developers at Blade and Soul recently published their ‘Producer’s Letter’ for March 2017 which offers a recap of the past year in the game and brings news of a major expansion – ‘Secrets of the Stratus’ was announced for April 2017 and is set to bring ”impactful” new features such as ‘Act 7’ of the Campaign Quests, a new Gunwon City map, three new PvE areas, new Hongmoon levels and training room and an ‘Insta-Level 50 Voucher’ which is a ”new account service that allows you to create a new character at max level and jump right in the fray!”.

The expansion is also set to bring ”a complete revamp of the skill point allocation system” which will ”streamline how you specialize your character’s skills, while keeping the same level of customization depth” and skill balance changes, Legendary items, new pets and quality of life improvements.

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