‘Crytek′s explosive free-to-play FPS’ – Warface, received a brand new update yesterday; the Icebreaker update is now live and it is the ‘first major content release with direct My.Com involvement’ and brings new opponents, new weapons, the Icebreaker co-op mission itself, bug fixes, new achievements and a new rank (”rank 81: an Apache warrior, Lieutenant of the Heralds of Death squadron”):

‘Looking for some real challenge? Then you’re in for a treat — only the toughest few will come out victorious. ‘Icebreaker’ will challenge you in a variety of ways: Blackwood’s going to throw at you its brand new unit types, advanced attack helicopters and if that doesn’t cut it, an own battlecruiser. Soldier, prior to your deployment you are strongly suggested to pay attention to the briefing if you want to survive the encounter, there sure will be no time for that later!”

For more information visit the site here.