After a year spent in Early Access, Faeria – the ”PC Card Battler that you’ve always desired (where players can) shape the battlefield and defeat (their) opponents in epic battles” came out of beta this week with its 1.0 launch for PC and iPad and the full launch version is now available globally through Steam for PC, Mac, Linux, or the App Store for iPad and furthermore, to celebrate, the developers are offering a 40% discount for a limited time (from $34.99 to $20.99) on their brand new Steam Pack, available exclusively on the Steam store page. The update brings some user experience improvements, bug fixes, shop improvements and Mythic Chests, some balance tweaks, finalized illustrations and Linux support:

Just because we are leaving Early Access doesn’t mean we’re going to stop listening to the community for the best ways we can improve Faeria. We have big plans for even more new features and content in 2017, and are looking forward to hearing what you, our players, want to see. It goes without saying that we’ll be keeping an eye on bugs and balancing at all times.”

For more information visit the site here.