The team at Conan Exiles recently published a preview of ‘things to come’: ”we’re offering a more detailed look at some of the things to come in our upcoming content updates, slated for release very soon (and) we’re also going to shed some light on our roadmap plans for Conan Exiles”. 

The team announced that it will be concentrating the work on Conan Exiles on ‘three tracks’: ”the first track is centered around patches, bug fixes and performance and stability updates that are going out every one to two weeks”, the second track will be ”bigger game updates, which are less frequent but will be bigger, more significant additions to the game” and the third is to be ”centered around releases on major consoles and even larger content updates like biomes (which are) additions to the game’s map with a different environment (so) these updates to the game will add new terrain, monsters, more equipment, god avatars and more”.

The current road map was also summarized: ”Our current plan is to put out 4-6 big game updates during Early Access, with 2-3 coming out before summer 2017, and an additional 2-3 being released before Christmas 2017 (and) a final game update might also release during Q1 2018”. The Highlands Biome was announced for the ‘coming months’ and described as a ”new zone with snowy mountains and a slightly more hospitable climate than the Exiled Lands’ deserts” bringing a new feature – a temperature system which adds an ”additional survival factor to keep in mind as you travel”.

A major update was also announced for 2017 – The Purge:

‘We expect Conan Exiles’ Early Access period to last about a year before full launch in 2018. During this period we’ll be adding some major updates to the game in the form of things like The Purge, animal taming and mounts, sorcery, a settlement system and new biomes. The Purge are enemy NPCs that will be sent into the Exiled Lands from neighboring nations to raid, pillage and destroy everything in their path. Players will have to band together to stop this menace or hide and pray to whatever god that might be listening that The Purge will pass them by. If you do decide to risk it the rewards might be worth it, but you should definitely take the time to build up your defenses.”

The team also offered a preview of the next ‘soon’ features planned for the game, such as the trebuchet and ”adding buildable siege towers, avatar defense and corpse lockers to keep the fallen bodies of your slain enemies” together with the addition of a new dungeon and a plan to eventually add a dye system for armor and clothes customization.


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