The team at Tera recently announced that patch 53 will be live on the 7th of March – which brings adjustments to various classes and also brings back the League of Levelers event, which will be running from the 7th of March until the 4th of April 2017 and players will be able to ”start again from scratch (and go) back to the roots, perhaps with a new class”. The event brings ‘special rewards’ for new and existing characters (”rewards are only sent to one character per server”) at various stages of leveling a character: ”You can look forward to receiving your reward via the “Item Claim” already at level 2: the Adventurer’s Equipment Box. Open it at level 65 to receive a complete Imperator set and powerful jewelry! There are also Enchantment Scroll to enchant the equipment to +9 and the weapon to +12 immediately!”.

For more information visit the site here.