Heroes&Generals: Hacksaw Ridge & Steam Medic Bundle

The developers at Heroes&Generals have teamed up with Lionsgate to offer an exclusive bundle on Steam featuring Oscar winning film Hacksaw Ridge, 14 days of Veteran Membership and a Medkit & Medic Ribbon Boosters pre order DLC for Heroes & Generals which is available only on Steam and only to US customers until March the 14th 2017; for players outside of the US the bundle is available for pre-purchasing and includes the Medkit & Medic Ribbon Boosters DLC only.

The medkits will be introduced in the 1.05 update ‘Medic!’ – which is planned for release on the 21st of March: ”the medkits enable you to heal both yourself and and your friends” and will be available for all factions and all soldier types.

For more information visit the site here.