Fans will be pleased to hear that there is now a new free to play version of the game. Also, the game’s Steam portal has been updated with the newest State of the Crusade letter in which the new business model is discussed.

The skinny details include:

  • a free version with slower progression and class limitation
  • you still have to pay to get the full game $20 or 20,000 RTC to fully unlock the game
  • XP is 1/3 normal gain
  • all classes open except Air Assault

We also haven’t forgotten our current players, early access, and founders.

You are already receiving 20,000 RTC* when you enter the game today. When we launch the new free version, the new $20 & $50 packages, you will also get a Steam giftable** version of the game.

Additionally, the long overdue removal of the Venerable pack weapons in the $50 version happens now. They will be exclusive to you forever, replaced by four regular store bundles, one for each faction.

For more information, please click here.