The team at Crowfall recently showed a preview of their up-and-coming archetype – the Fae Assassin: ”we have always intended for the Assassin to be our canonical rogue style character with stealth, fast attack animations, poisons, pips and wings. (yes wings!)”. The team also recently showed a preview of a system they are currently working on – an early look at the ‘disciplines system’: ”Put simply, disciplines are our “multi-classing” system (as) they allow you to customize/optimize/break your archetype in any number of amazing ways”.

Although the team announced that ”disciplines haven’t entered the “soon” phase of development yet” but that they are currently working on the system (powers, animations and FX) – the types of disciplines that can be expected are: weapon disciplines (based around a specific weapon type, i.e. ‘master of bows’), major disciplines (based on a themed subclass, i.e. ‘friar’ or ‘arcane archer’) and minor disciplines (based around one power or idea, i.e. ‘the executioner’).

For more information visit the site here.