Funcom recently shocked its players by revealing that it will be “relaunching” The Secret World this year. Funcom aims to broaden the appeal of the game and hope to accomplish this through redesigning the new player experience, making combat improvements as well as tweaking other game play features. Also the veteran program, including its rewards and retention systems, will be overhauled.

Relaunch is expected to begin this March.

Other news of interest from the report:

  • Conan Exiles has sold more than 480,000 units in its first month (this is a net sales number)
  • Conan Exile’s development cost was recouped within a week and it is now profitable
  • Revenue and operating costs for Q4 2016 aligned with internal forcasts
  • Operating expenses are down year over year
  • Debt has been reduced to half of last year

For more information, you can download the presentation PDF from here.