”A new patch has been released, and it’s a big one!” – the developers at Conan Exiles announced recently; patch 23.02.2017 was released on the 23rd of February and the patch notes are available on the game’s official site. The update highlights revolve around exploit fixes (crouch/jump “boost” has been fixed) and the update includes performance fixes, general bug fixes and visual improvements, balance and gameplay fixes, including some temporary changes (players now respawn immediately upon dying, skipping the death camera) and a list of known issues has also been released – which include the Yellow Lotus potions, crossbow issues and Shrine single player issue: ”Please get in touch with us if you discover additional instances where jump “boosting” is possible (as) we understand the impact these issues had on raiding and general basebuilding on PvP servers, and want to make sure this issue is completely eliminated”.

For more information visit the site here.