The team at ARK: Survival Evolved released a new update at the end of last month – patch 254 is a ‘tech-focused’ patch which introduced new armour, game mechanics, structures and TEK Tier Phase 1, new character customization features, jousting and ”the fluffy Ovis, the piscivorous Baryonyx, the beloved Basilosaurus, and the pouncing Purlovia!”. The TEK Tier is a new feature which introduces ”a power armour set, the TEK Replicator, used for crafting and the TEK Transmitter, used for the CrossARK System” and is an ”end-game technology tier in our crafting system and as of Patch 254, players will be able to get their first taste of the content. (and) as we progress towards release, we will be introducing more features and structures based around TEK”.

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