The latest PTR notes for v2.5 have recently been revealed on the official site which explains to players about a pair of much-requested features into the game: an Amory and a special collection space for crafting materials.

  • New Feature: Armory
    • Players may now save up to five different builds per character using the Armory
      • This new feature can be found in the town hub within each Act
    • Saving a build in the Armory will snapshot your character’s current gear, socketed gems, active and passive skills, and Kanai’s Cube powers
      • Equipping a saved armory build will automatically swap items and gear between the character and stash
  • New Feature: Crafting Mat Storage
    • Starting with Patch 2.5.0, crafting materials picked up or obtained through salvaging will now appear in a separate storage tab, freeing up space in the shared stash
      • This tab can be accessed through the Inventory window

Players will be able to save up to five different gear builds by creating a “snapshot” of all equipped gear, including gems, active / passive skills, Kanai’s Cube powers. Amory sets can be changed with gear automatically switching between equipped and stashed.

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