A new blog post on the official site called “Necromancy – The Art of Creating New Bodies” reveals what’s called “newest crafting profession” where players dig up bodies, restoring them and putting them together with others to make a new playable class. Choosing a new way to play or to fulfill a new role means to simply put on the new body.

While the Alchemy requirements for Necromancy can be mass-produced, vessels cannot. Each vessel is a handcrafted masterpiece potentially loaded with optional additives (or, conversely, a poorly crafted mess). The better-supplied, more skilled Necromancy crafters will find themselves constantly deluged with orders to make specific vessels.

This is the first crafting profession we have made a considerable amount of Additives for. The restored head recipe, for example, can take up to 2 enhanced eyes. Use a Scout’s Eye to increase the Perception statistic, the Master’s Eye to increase Crafting Assembly, or the Bowman’s Eye to increase Critical Hit Chance. Currently additives mainly come from loot drops off of the Risen and sometimes from critical harvests while grave digging.

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