Now Free-To-Play, Atlas Reactor has been updated with a new chapter featuring Brynn the Skywarden and the introduction of Season 2. Season 2 will play out in five chapters that will be released soon, each complete with a new game play mode. The All-Random Mode with the release of the first chapter in Season 2 has already begun.

  • Revamped Intro Experience – A new and revamped introductory experience will help acquaint new players with the game’s mechanics and provide a more meaningful experience for prospective Freelancers.

  • Rebalanced Freelancers and Ranked System – Various balance changes for all Freelancers have now been implemented. In a new and improved Ranked System, open to ALL players, players will now progress through Ranks with a more predictable result of gains and losses after each match. Players will no longer be able to drop Ranks but can drop tiers, and players who achieve Master Rank will enter a new leaderboard style system.

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