The first ever content expansion called Forgotten Lands, Part 1 has been released for Sphere 3: Enchanted World. Players will be able to explore new zones, collect new gear, defeat world bosses and take a look at a new castle.

There is also the castle called In’Kaliat, which is a completely new piece of architecture totally different from any other castle in Ericuria. Wise management, defensive capabilities and constant vigilance, that are the main problems for the castle owner, are compensated with the items of the highest level that can be obtained here. New castle has got 5 banners that should be risen by brave heroes. But it’s the task quite hard to perform – the guards are really powerful this time. The castle has level 50, and it should be captured in 1 hour 15 minutes. The owner of In’Kaliat can get equipment and potions of level 50, a mount and a castle blessing.

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