Elsword: Final Elysion chapter released

KOG Games has announced the release of the final Elysion chapter which marks the conclusion of the story arc that began more than five years ago in Elsword.  The release also includes a pair of brand new dungeons, Fortress of Solace and  Memories of the Halted Sun.

  • Accessorize like the newest Dungeon boss with fierce Solace Boss Accessories when you log-in for 10 minutes or when you defeat Solace in Solace’s Fortress five times!
  • Clearing the Halted Sun’s Memory once, twice, and three times will give you an awesome accessory each time!
  • Players who complete Ariel’s quests 3 times (any Elysion dungeon 3 times, including Atlas region) and receive a random Elysion title!

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