The Battle Chase event has been set to start on Thursday, January 6th and will run through January 16th. During the event, players will collect Battle Bits by completing Battlegrounds. Players can also score Battle Chase Crates with some nifty in-game rewards including the Exile or Dominion hoverboards.

In addition to completing Battlegrounds and collecting Battle Bits, there are also Battle Chase Crates, which is where all the best rewards come from. You can go straight to the In-Game Store and purchase Battle Chase Crates for Protobucks or OmniBits (a free in-game currency earned alongside XP), or you can even buy Krogg Kash directly for use at Sly’s store, but you can also earn Mini-Crates just by completing a Battleground. At the end of a match you’ll have a chance to earn a Mini-Crate, which has a subset of the larger purchasable crates, but still has a chance to drop the Exile- and Dominion-themed hoverboards.


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