The second of the Elder Scrolls Online in-game holidays event, the New Life Festival, is set to begin on Thursday, December 15th until the 4th of January. The event allows players to take on daily quests, each one themed around one of Tamriel’s races, taking place in each one’s zone. On the completion of the daily, players will be rewarded with special gift boxes that will always contain a memento, a Skinchanger style item and a random crafting material and one other random item.

If you’re able to complete all the quests that Breda has for you, you’ll receive a special new dye – New Life Cerulean – and the New Life Celebrant achievement. Completing all the New Life-related achievements will grant the “Magnanimous” title as well! In addition, drinking Breda’s Magnificent Mead (located in a keg near Breda) will net you double XP for two hours.

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