This December, the Ranger’s Fury update will heading into the game on the 15th. The update includes a new level cap of fifty, a big new desert biome and the new Ranger class that combines long range and melee combat styles. Tamers can also look forward to nine new creatures to capture.

Key features of the Ranger include:

Two Combat Styles – Exclusive to the Ranger are two new combat styles for players to experience and master – long range combat with the bow or close quarters combat with the Vambrace.

Skill Specialization – Players can also focus their talents on the Vambrace, Bow or Chaos skills – both of which deliver vastly different playstyles. Specializing in the Bow is best for players who enjoy ranged combat while the Vambrace is perfect for experts who desire crowd control skills. Focusing on Chaos brings continuous damage to enemies, the ability to heal allies, and buffs and debuffs to players.

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