A new Wild Terra test server has opened that is dedicated to PvP. On Ostium,  harvest and production rates are up by 5x and skill experience is 3x faster than normal servers. Anyone who is interested in trying out the new server are invited to download the client or play directly in Chrome or Opera browsers.

Updated chat. Now it allows you to communicate in groups, and send private messages. By killing yourself in the game, you can appear close to your friend for further playing together.
Realized 15 combat abilities that depend on the skills. See list here.
Added animations for the abilities.
Added effects of attacks, throws and shots for all weapons.
Added new effects: hit the target, bleeding, blockage, critical hit and stun.
Prepared unique gift cloaks for Knight, Viscount, Baron, Earl, Marquis and Duke. It will be available to owners of the corresponding kits of access.
Opened test PvE server in Asia Pacific, North and South America.
Opened PvP test server in Europe.
Fixed bugs with dissynchronization of animations.
Conducted work to remove lags on the servers.
Added possibility of payment via Steam-wallet.
For a servers located in another region, now displays a warning about the high latency on these servers.
Fixed a bug with shots through the walls.
Fixed states in rack for drying plants.
Raisins altered into a fruity type of food instead of mixed.
Reduce the appearance of honey to 2.5 times.
Revised godsends. Increased chance to find armor or weapons, the most useless things was replaced.
Snare to catch the wolf now requires hare.
Recipe Ragout of hare, is now required pot instead of dish.
Increased timers of leather tanning. In a wooden vat tanning is faster than in a clay vat.
Clay vat now requires more materials for construction.

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