The Darkfall: New Dawn developers are asking for players to come in to help break the servers and to try out the new spawn-scaling system. The game is open for anyone to join from now until November 29th.

Our aim so far has been to implement player progression features to form an organic experience:

  • Long gone are the days of macroing and bloodwalls, you can now only gain experience when engaged in combat with monsters.
  • All utility abilities are now tied to passive skills. Just play normally, and they will level up without grinding.
  • Doing high damage to a monster will provide more experience, so you can focus on killing efficiently with high end equipment.
  • The more base HP a monster has, the more each hit will give you xp, the efficient way to skill up now is to fight hard.
  • Be social, the more players are fighting at a spawn, the more loot and the more xp they will gain.

For more information, please click here.