Kwai has just announced that ArcheAge 3.0 or “Revelation” will be kicking off on December 10, 2016. Revelation will bring Dwarf and Warborn races on board, their homelands, the Community Center system, Abyssal Skills, and Fresh Start servers.

My personal favorite feature in the Revelation update is the introduction of Abyssal Skills. These new end-game abilities provide a path to continue progression once a character has reached maximum level in a skill tree. Only one of a character’s three active trees can have the abyssal skillset enabled at a time, allowing further character class definition. I can’t wait to see how the new skills will influence the PvP meta! Another skill balance pass will occur with the update and I suspect we’ll see a shift in popular classes like we did during the Secrets of Ayanad, Dread Prophecies, and Heroes Awaken updates.

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