The Pumpkins & Cubes Halloween event will kick off on October 25th and will run through November 22nd. During the event, players can take on demon bosses to earn Halloween Cubes and Pumpkin Candies. Cubes contain random items while Pumpkin Candy increases stats.

  • Participation in the event is limited to characters of level 70 and above.
  • Event participation and remaining no. of daily entries are counted on a per-team basis.
  • Time resets every day at EDT 06:00 (same time as missions and instanced dungeons).
  • The event mission entry limit is not resettable by Instanced Dungeon Reset Vouchers.
  • Each accumulated mission reward (3 missions, 30 missions) can only be received once.
  • Remaining rewards will not be exchanged after the event officially closes.
  • Pumpkin Candy items will be deleted on December 15, 2016.

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