Project Genom is now available with the kick off of its Early Access program. Players can take on any one of three races: Human, Synth or Mutant. Progression is marked by upgrading body parts with implants, mutagens or simply by using skills to hone their effectiveness. Also, players can get hold of the game with a 20% discount starting at $15.99 for the Bronze Avalon Pack, $29.99 for the Silver Avalon Pack, or for $69.99 for the Gold Avalon Pack.

When you’re ready, step out of the Ark into the open world, which area on the first stage amounts to six square miles. You can explore this vast by foot or you can give yourself a ride on a quad bike. Looking around the planet, it’s important to remember that no one was expecting humans. More than forty species of living creatures will be ready to tear apart any outsider, who inadvertently set foot on their territory. Of course, players will face difficult dungeons and strong bosses, but the reward is worth it!

[UE4] Project Genom trailer

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