Darewise Entertainment and Nvizzio Creations have just given word that the Early Access for Rokh has been delayed to January 2017. The original plan was for September 2016 but the extra time will give the team more time to create the developer’s vision of the universe and game play.

“ROKH is our first project and we do not lack of ambition. The game systems are so deep and connected that we want to take the time needed to ensure the entire experience and mechanics work as intended. It was not an easy decision but we believe it’s the best one for the game as well as the players.” said Benjamin Charbit, Darewise’s CEO. “The Early Access scope is at its final stage of development, and we are proud of the work done so far, which you’ll be able to enjoy in our very first gameplay trailer”, added Marc Albinet Rokh’s Game Director at Nvizzio Creations.


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