Fans will be delighted to hear that open beta for Hi-Rez’s MMO, Paladins is commencing today. The open beta for the game will take place on Steam later today and comes packed with improvements, new features and much more, all thanks to input with the community.

Some of the newest features of the Paladins Open Beta include a new user interface, new match lobby, 17 Champions, a third map (“Enchanted Forest”), a more robust in-match Item system, the ability to mix head, body, and weapon skins on each champion, and a new ranked Competitive queue with leaderboards. Paladins has been built from the ground up to support esports and features a robust spectator client. Hi-Rez Studios has plans to support the growing Paladins player base with servers in key locations across the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Paladins - Open Beta Available Now on Steam

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