At the Legion-plus-three-weeks mark, a month after its August 30th launch, Blizzard will unlock its more challenging endgame content, including the Emerald Nightmare raid, nightmare dungeons, Mythic+ difficulty, and the new PvP system.

Thanks to the Mythic+ mode and titanforged equipment, it should be able to introduce new dungeons in the future without rendering previous ones instantly obsolete. Mythic+ dungeons require mythic keystones, which are designed so that players don’t get locked out when they want to run dungeons with friends during the week.

Blizzard admitted that current classes are balanced around level 110 as well as 110s with artifact weapons. So stay the course and your class should get better! Patch 7.1 will contain a mini-raid and the new Karazhan mega-dungeon. The next raid after that will be Nighthold in early 2017.

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