A preview of the Redmoon Rising dungeon that will be heading to WildStar on August 17th. The preview gives a nice stack of lore that includes what can be called nothing less than space pirates headed up by the risen captain, Ish’amel. Other characters of note include Swabbie Ski’li, Robomination, the Redmoon Engineers, and Mordechai Redmoon.

After identifying the nature of the threat posed by this cursed craft and its risen captain, Ish’amel is calling on the most bad-ass level-50 heroes to board the dread ship Redmoon Terror and confront its malevolent Marauder menace. Those who raid the vessel and live to talk about it will walk away with some precious plunder, and promising new levels of power. Don’t storm in ill-prepared though! Redmoon Rising is a foreboding first foray onto this ship—a challenge demanding even of those adventurers with experience braving the Datascape!

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