Defiance Game Studio has announced that Archmage Rises is now participating in the Steam Greenlight campaign and has already cracked the top 100 rankings. The game is considered to be a world simulation game with heavy RPG elements. Players are able to become whatever they want and behave however they want in the world through the exploration of dungeons, encounters with NPCs, participation in politics, crafting, battles and much more. Pre-orders begin on August 4th for Windows and Mac.

In Archmage Rises, players are faced with countless decisions that greatly impact every playthrough in a number of different ways – from life and death to commodity prices and even in-game relationships. If death does come, however, it will be permanent: Archmage Rises’ permadeath system encourages experimentation (and a certain degree of caution!) to allow for endless replayability and short, streamlined play sessions free of travel time and repetitive random encounters.

For more information, visit their Steam page by clicking here.