Pokemon fans will be thrilled to hear that the global launch of Pokemon Go is underway with the game now live in Germany. This is the first European country to receive the game, which hit the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Pokémon fans in other countries around the continent are still waiting for the game to make it their way together with players in Asian territories — like Japan, Pokémon’s birthplace. A full-scale Asian launch is also expected within the week. The Pokémon Go Twitter account suggests that they continue to watch out on social media for updates.
Pokémon Go has been out on iOS and Android for just under a week, but it’s already proven to be a major hit for the franchise. For those who have yet to try out the game, check out our tips for the total beginner. After that, move on to our more in-depth FAQ, which has the answers on everything you’d ever think to ask about, and while playing, Pokémon Go.

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