The release of the 3.1 update to the console version of World of Tanks enables players to own and fight with the complete French line (PS4 edition) and newly added French tanks to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions. The update also includes variants of the Stepped Sandstorm and Erlenberg Blizzard maps that are affected by weather. Console players will be able to take part in a special event beginning July 15th to earn a Tier 7 VII tank.

Tankers can take their new Tier 9 and 10 French vehicles for a spin on two new console-exclusive weather variant maps: Steppes Sandstorm and Erlenberg Blizzard, both highlighting treacherous driving conditions while adding a challenging and exciting layer of gameplay. Steppes Sandstorm, a generally open map, has been blasted with a dangerous sandstorm, creating an eerily desolate terrain with extreme low-visibility. Erlenberg Blizzard is snowy wasteland, with ruins separated by a massive river, which would cutoff access to the other team, only now the river is frozen, offering free-reign on the territory and new angles of attack.

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