Funcom’s Joel Bylos recently posted a brief note on the Conan Exiles Facebook page to let players know that the team feels they need more time to flesh out the game’s vision for the game world, despite their hopes of bringing the Early Access version of the Hyborian survival title to Steam in September. Therefore, the Early Access will kick off in January 2017 instead.

We have come to realize that we would like to spend a little more time creating our vision of Hyboria before we release it into Early Access. Having very recently secured additional funding for our studio which has made our financial situation much more flexible than even just a few weeks back, we want to take advantage of that and move Early Access to January 2017. With the extra time in development, we believe we can make a better game for you, the fans.

Our observations of Early Access are that it tends to run in two directions. In one case, the games are buggy, unstable and unfinished. In another case, the games are stable, well featured and the community and development team work together to map out the future of the project towards a successful launch. Our aim is to deliver a game that is firmly in the second situation and creates a quintessential Conan experience.

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