EverQuest II is taking a step up to let players have a satisfying gaming experience by opening up pair of “special” servers  on Tuesday, June 28th and Tuesday, July 12th. The first server will be named Isle of Refuge and will be a Free Trade Server that allows nearly every item to be traded between players. Some items, of course, will not be tradeable including purchased Heirloom items.Players taking part on the Free Trade Server will be starting a brand new community at the exclusion of the ability to transfer any characters on or off the island.

The second server, called The Race to Trakanon is considered to be a limited-time server. Players will compete to defeat the final event boss before all others. Players will be able to earn special rewards based on their achievement record on the event server that can then be collected by any other character on any other server.

Both servers require players to be All-Access Members.

More information regarding the first server can be read here and for the second server can be read here.