[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat do you get when you mix a movie star with a mobile game? Mobile Strike. A world wide phenom, this game is one that’ll stay on your handset indefinitely whilst your partner screams at you to come to bed. For the new and existing players a worthy offer is always welcome and thankfully with the Amazon Appstore you’re eligible for 15% coins back via Amazon Coins to coincide with the Control Point event that begins on the 23rd of June on Mobile Strike.

What is the Control Point event you may ask?

All participants have to amass large quantities of resources and battle within alliances. Players whom group up in Alliance and hold the global Control Point the longest win and will be crowned Supreme Commander.

This is a perfect opportunity to save on in-game items and purchases with the Amazon Appstore’s Coins back deal. Mobile Strike isn’t the only game featured that offers you Coins back on in-game purchases, visit the following link for up-to-date games that are currently on offer.

Game of War Super Wonder Event – Starting July 7th until July 9th.

Another of the featured Amazon Appstore titles that has an upcoming 15% coins back promotion, Game of War Super Wonder pits the top tier alliances against each other in a quest to see whom can control the Wonder the longest and become the Emperor of the Kingdom of Fire. Perfect for existing Game of War players itching for more strategy and challenges the Game of War Super Wonder are around-the-clock with real-time communication occurring throughout. Teamwork is a must and alliances engage in advance planning with specific role assignments; and in-game chat for further coordination. Can you hold the Super Wonder the longest and be crowned The Emperor? Be sure to ‘Buy Some, Get Some’ with the Amazon Coins 15% coins back promotion via the Amazon Appstore.

How does the 15% Coins Back offer work?

The 15% coins back offer means that if you buy any in-app purchase via Mobile Strike or Game of War during the aforementioned promotional dates, you’ll receive 15% of the value of what you spent back with Amazon Coins.

  • Ex: You bought a pack of Gold in Mobile Strike for $10 but with the 15% coins back offer in this case you’d get 150 Amazon Coins ($1.50 value) credited to your account.
  • Ex: If you bought a $100 pack of Gold then with the 15% coins back promotion you’ll get 100 Amazon Coins added back into your account for spending.

You could buy the above mentioned gold with your Credit Card or with Amazon Coins that you had stored in your account and either way you’ll get the Amazon Coins back. In a nutshell, Amazon Coins can help you save money and get more bang for your buck.

Did you know?

An underrated and overlooked feature of the Amazon Appstore is the ability to migrate your data from a non-Amazon Underground app to a supported Amazon Appstore version. Retaining and transferring data with your favourite games is one of the key features that helps you further. How it works is simple and applies to many games within the Amazon Appstore. We will use Hearthstone as an example:

  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure your game information is up-to-date and synced for the game you would like to transfer. Sync through your game’s account (and, depending on the game, store your save files) so you do not lose any of your progress or saves (i.e. update and sync your Battle.net account)
  2. If you are playing the game using another app store, uninstall the game from the device (i.e. the Google Play app – uninstall Hearthstone)
  3. Download and install the Amazon Appstore but before installing make sure to enable “Unknown Sources.“ You’ll be asked to open a page through your devices browser (Internet / Chrome / Opera or similar) to download the Amazon Appstore. After opening the link in your browser, you will be able to download the Amazon Appstore. An Amazon account is needed make purchases.
  4. Locate the Amazon icon and open the application.
  5. Search for your game within the Amazon Appstore (ex: “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”) and download the game to your device.
  6. Once the download completes, simply sync your game account (i.e. your Battle.net account for Hearthstone)
  7. ALL DONE! Play and enjoy all the Amazon Appstore savings you otherwise would not have had.

This post is sponsored by Amazon.