June is here and that means it’s E3 season. The Electronic Entertainment Expo started on June 14th and runs until June 16th and is sure to be filled with glorious games, corny dancing and of course the inevitable cringe but ultimately showcases the best that the gaming industry has to offer. Whilst there is much speculation as to what is to be announced we are happy to let you know about a unique oppertunity between The Amazon Appstore, E3 and the Humble Bundle. To coincidence with the launch of E3 the Humble Bundle has an Amazon Appstore offer as part of the E3 Digital Ticket.

The Amazon Appstore will offer $5 in Amazon Coins in the E3 Digital Ticket bundle. Upon purchasing you will receive a promotional code that can be redeemed on a landing page which will allow you to download the Amazon Appstore, redeem the $5 to your account and install at least one of four games including: Mobile Strike, Vainglory, Heartstone and Hay Day. Your $5 in Amazon Coins can be used on any of the aforementioned titles.

Mobile Strike


I’m sure we have all seen the highly intense advertising video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger but behind the bravado lays claim to a highly addictive and intensely played strategy game. Easily one of the most popular Strategy titles in the world, Mobile Strike is at the forefront of base-building and military fortification games. With the above offer which gives you $5 in Amazon Coins this is a perfect oppertunity for you to download the Amazon Appstore and install Mobile Strike.


Hay Day

Everyone has a favourite farming game and this will be your next go-to game. Downloadable via the Amazon Appstore you can use your $5 in Amazon Coins for this fun loving title. Whether you’re wanting to play with friends or experience the simple life of working the land Hay Day is certainly a must-have game on your device. Craving a little bacon? One of the pigs will happily fry some up for you. A constantly evolving game Hay Day is a must play.

Did you know you can sync your previously played games to the Amazon Appstore? Be sure to keep to keep an eye out for our next post where we go into more detail regarding progress syncing.

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