Lucky CBT holders can now check into Riders of Icarus with today’s start of the final testing phase. Testers will be able to log in from today through Tuesday, June 7th. The global NDA has also lifted so players can now write about and stream their experiences in RoI that will be kicking off early access on June 29th.

As a reward to the players who join to help us stress test the servers and the latest content as we prepare Riders of Icarus for its open beta launch, we’re hosting a 5-day attendance event to give the community a chance to play with exclusive Heroic and Legendary items from the Founder’s Packs for a limited time.*:

  • Day 1: Diamond Wolf (exclusive ground mount; incl. in Heroic and Legendary Riders’ Packs)
  • Day 2: ChaCha the Cat Shoulder Accessory (provides 10% physical attack and magic attack at 3% for 10 seconds, maximum health increased by 500 HP and cast time reduced by 5%; Legendary Riders Pack)
  • Day 3: Karios (exclusive dragon air mount; Legendary Pack)
  • Day 4: Onyx Order Outfit (changes the look of your character to that of a member of the Onyx Order; Legendary Pack)
  • Day 5: Weapon Skin (changes the look of your equipped weapon; Legendary Pack)

For more information, please click here.