Daybreak Game Company has revealed the official launch date for Landmark as June 10th. Those playing the closed beta with any one of the founders’ packs will have automatic access to the game on launch and hose using a shared beta key have the option to upgrade. Founders’ Packs will continue to be sold until the 6th of June.

For the committed Trailblazers* among you, don’t forget you have an additional 48-hour head start to scope out and stake your claim on your favorite build sites. The Trailblazer Head Start is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th at 10AM Pacific.

The last day to purchase any of the Landmark Founder’s Packs is Monday, June 6th at 10AM PDT. Don’t miss YOUR chance to pick up any of these packs or the special perks that are parts of any of those packages.

For more information, please click here.