Jagex is happy to deploy Chronicle: Runescape Legends on masses of Steam users with today’s official launch. Fans will be pleased to hear that new ranked sessions, 400+ cards, seven languages, Steam achievements and trading cards as well as numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements have been included with the launch as a result of over six months in beta.

  • Unique New Generation Card Game – The cards are both the greatest weapon and weakness, as players battle their own decks and try to defeat their rival standing to the other side of the Chronicle.
  • Master Five Legends – Learn the unique tactics and strategies of each Legend and strive for victory. A sixth Legend, the slayer master Morvran, will join existing characters this summer.
  • Multiple Modes Draft to victory in Dungeoneering Mode and quest for coins, gem shards and platinum. Learn the ropes in Solo Play and Casual Modes; and play against friends; or fight to the top in the competitive Ranked Mode.
  • Skilling and Customization – Players can customize their account by unlocking new titles and badges as they level up in-game skills, or purchase new card backs.


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