It can be a struggle being a mobile gamer especially with those pesky micro transactions that offer all the goods but fear not as RaGEZONE have been sponsored by Amazon to give you a fantastic opportunity for savings. With a booming mobile market and bills to pay a penny saved is always welcomed and with the Amazon Appstore your go-to-app for downloading games and shopping you can save up to 10% on apps, games and in-app items by purchasing Amazon Coins. Whilst the premise is simple the reward is certain – the more you buy, the larger the discount!

In addition to purchasing Amazon Coins at a saving you’ll also receive up to 25% in Amazon Coins back from selected in-game purchases. Our example below features Angry Birds;

If you get your in-app purchase with Amazon Coins through the Amazon Appstore, you actually end up saving money. You can buy 2 extra-large King Sling Power up (x750 slings each) for $60USD or 6,000 of Amazon Coins. Since 100 Amazon Coins = $1. But you can purchase 6000 Amazon Coins for about $51 (with today’s current Amazon Coins savings: 6% off 1000 Amazon Coins Bundle, 16% off 5000 Amazon Coins Bundle). You end up saving about $9 when you use Amazon Coins to purchase your in-app items.  The savings work the same when you buy other packs as well.

You can use your Amazon Coins to buy eligible apps, games, and digital in-app items. Buy Amazon Coins and save up to 25% on apps, games, and in-app items. There are many titles that you can take advantage of this offer including (but not limited to) Mobile Strike, Candy Crush, Game of War and even Angry Birds. A brief explanation video can be found below.

Earning Amazon Coins (Buy Some, Get Some)

In addition to being able to buy Amazon Coins at a discount, Amazon Appstore also gives Plus, you can earn up to 30% back in Amazon Coins when you buy in-game items in many top grossing games.. For example, if there is a 20% Amazon Coins back offer in a game and you buy an item for $19.99, you could receive $3.99 back in Amazon Coins. Wondering what games are currently giving Coins back on in-game purchases then click here. Each week new titles are being promoted and there are constant savings to be had.