Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Star Trek Online will be launching for both PlayStation 4 and XBox One in the fall of 2016. To celebrate the launch, players will receive two expansions and eleven seasons of content, including 130 featured episodes to bring the iconic Star Trek universe to life.

Each player’s adventure will begin as they choose from classic Star Trek factions including Federation, Klingon and Romulans, as well 32 species to customize their own Captain with millions of customization options available. While playing through content in Star Trek Online, players will be able to visit iconic locations including Vulcan, Deep Space Nine, Earth Space Dock and more. Fly through the galaxy of Star Trek Online, with hundreds of classic Star Trek ships available, and engage in ship-to-ship combat. Players will be able to play through the game’s story content and reach the level 60 cap, all for free.



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