The ArtCraft team recently wrote a blog article titled ‘The Soft Launch Strategy’ which begins with a look back at the last year of development and the “good, bad and ugly” parts.

There is really only one way to deal with uncertainty. We are going to take as long as it takes, but instead of shooting for a single launch date (and delaying that day until we complete ALL planned features and content), we are aiming for a soft launch to get you in, and playing, as quickly as possible.

Our priorities are to…

  • To build you a playable game experience,
  • To turn on character persistence with the expectation of never wiping again as soon as we feel like the systems are solid enough to do so,
  • To prioritize the features that are central to the heart of our vision first, and
  • To treat the game as a live service, adding features and content incrementally over time

…and, most importantly:

  • Continue to polish the core systems until we get them right.

However, the question still remains; when will Crowfall launch? For more information, please click here.