TERA will be updated next Tuesday with its latest patch which is called Secrets & Shadows.This update for TERA will bring the new Elin Ninja class, new dungeons, new story-based quests, and to make things more interesting, flying mounts!

After we’d gotten our bearings with the flying mounts, which every player at level 65 will get by completing a questline, we headed to the Shadow Sanguinary – the new 5 player endgame dungeon that pits players against Dakuryon one final (?) time. It’s actually a quick dungeon, which probably won’t take players more than 30 minutes or so on normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are three main bosses – Dakuryon’s gigantic henchman Pahoegar, Dakuryon, and then Dakuryon’s once more… though that last time he’s far more imposing than the first time you face him. See the below image for proof.

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