Recently, Armored Warfare has been updated with six Tier 10 vehicles into the game, a pair of brand new PvE missions, adjustments to the garage UI, a new Tier 7 Premium Vehicle and various bug fixes and feature enhancements online.

  • First six Tier 10 vehicles have been introduced. Besides such main battles tanks as Challenger 2B, Leopard 2A7-140, XM1A3, and T-14 Armata, the update also brings a concept light tank PL-01 and armored fighting vehicle called SPHINX. Tier 10 will be unlockable through a token system similar to the one used to unlock Tier 9 vehicles.
  • In the newly delivered PvE operations “Prometheus” and “Meltdown,” players will have to defend the important cargo on the sandy beaches of the tropical island and defend the nuclear reactor from enemy invasion in order to save the people of the small town from devastation.

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