Recently on the game’s official site, some details for a new on-going event called ‘Operation Rathuum’ were shared. Players will cooperatively participate in a new Arena game mode in teams of 1 to 4 fighting increasingly difficult waves of Grineer enemies. Participation in the event will yield Tenno with a number of different prizes. The event will run until the 9th of May.

The Steel Meridian will compensate the Tenno as they progress through the Rathuum. Rewards include the Rathuum Badge, Rathuum Sigil and the powerful Furax Wraith. The Rathuum Prisoner Coordinates detailing the location where the Grineer defectors are imprisoned will be awarded to Tenno who complete the Rathuum. The Syndicates will take a great interest in this data.

In addition to the above rewards, there are a number of Mods that Kela De Thaym allocates to her Executioners to give them an edge in combat. Perhaps she can be persuaded to part with them.

– Electromagnetic Shielding
– Execution Shells
– Fomorian Accelerant
– Harkonar Scope
– Hunter’s Bonesaw
– Nightwatch Napalm
– Rift Strike
– Vulcan Blitz

For more information, please click here.